A Golf Life Saver!
Suffering from macular degeneration and serious floaters in my good eye. Cannot play without someone telling me where my ball went. I can not tell what the ball flight is and of course could not enjoy seeing the ball on good shots. Very very frustrating and I was on the verge of calling it quits. BUT…..my daughter in law did a google search and guess what? Chromax came up….I ordered the 6 pack of OV green and gold Played with them yesterday and never missed seeing a shot. The ball shot of the face and played as well as anything of I have ever played. This is a miracle break through for me – and if you can’t follow your ball – you should give this a try.
Jed D

I love using my gold Chromax golf balls. I am very proud to say that my guest and I won the Fort Lauderdale Country Club member guest tournament, I was hitting my signature gold golf ball.
Fort Lauderdale

I tried the brilliant green O.V. Ball on Thursday. It was so easy to see and it was a bright sunny day. It sparkles in the sky and is so easy to follow. As far as distance is concerned I hit it as far as my ProV1. I loved how it rolled on the green! It ran very straight and true. All three people I played with were impressed with how easy it is to see and follow in the air.
Maureen 7

I received a 6 pack of your Chromax OV balls in Green and Gold colors at a small two day tourney (Western Amputee Golf Association) in a gift bag and thought I would try one. I played 72 holes over two days with just one of your green O.V. balls. No lost balls, easy to see both in flight and awesome on the ground. Best of all I shot 7 strokes under my index. Killer balls Chromax!
Kent, Washington

Being Colorblind, I always lost balls in plain sight. I received a free Chromax in the mail and WOW. I didn’t lose the ball the entire round! Until I hit it into the water on 18. These are just as soft a feel as any other ball I’ve ever used and I could easily compare this ball to a ProV1 any day. Amazing ball! I will definitely be using these exclusively.
Mikal Kenny
Las Vegas

I saw the balls and just liked the colours, so made a purchase, and what a purchase! Got the orange ones, handed one to my father in law (who is always in the bush) and used one myself. (20 handicapper). Suffice to say, neither of us lost a bal, he had his best round in quite some time, and I shot 12 over, so very happy. I have a slowish swing, and the balls responded nicely. As good a ball as I have used, with the benefit of being super hard to lose if you spray one! I’m a convert.
Richard Ellicott

Chromax golf balls are fantastic! Not only do they look so so cool they perform very well on the course! I am amazed how visible these balls are both in the air and on the ground it’s amazing how well they can be seen. Personally I am very consistent with chromax and I feel they have helped my game in many ways. Very highly recommended!
Stuart Brierley
Preston, England

The glitter of the Chromax Golf ball is a “Golflifeline” to me. Between the hot pink tape on my clubs and the Chromax
Sparkle ..tilt my head to the left….get a glimmer of the pink and gold and swing. Super….I never miss hitting the ball. Our mission is to get more Seniors back out on the course. My experience is with Blinded and Phys Disabled Veterans. We also work with the Lions Club Kids Health Program. The other day a Senior came to our course to look around, we chatted and I put a gold Chromax on the first tee and he selected a club from my clubs and knocked the ball on the Green. He said “that is a great ball I could follow it to the Green.” I took the gold ball to Buffalo to VA Golden Games and RT Golf Coaches could not believe the results I achieve….I play and train VETS on a par 3 course…the sparkle of your balls is the key. On a par 3 I shoot 31 to 36 on nine holes. We have associates with total blind VETS…we also work on putting with wheelchair bound VETS…when they drop one in the hole, we get a Big WOW ….when I take them out to our Courtyard Putting Green they ask for the Hot Gold Balls. They will be taken to the RT Golf Clinics in Texas in May.
Howard Payne
WWII Veteran, Golf Instructor, Whittier, CA

We have had cold, icy conditions in Middle Tennessee for over a week and I was finally able to play golf yesterday (Tuesday) and took the opportunity to play the green Chromax Distance ball for the first time. From my first tee shot, until I unfortunately lost it on a water hole, #14, I loved the ball. It’s performance around the greens was extremely good, typically I do a lot of chipping and putting, so I quickly noticed the difference from other golf balls I have used in the past. My golfing partners became very interested in the ball and they were as disappointed as I was when I lost the ball. In fact they went out of their way in trying to retrieve it. Yesterday was very overcast and the ball’s brightness helped to track it in flight, but watching it roll off the greens was a treat. I am anxious to play the other green ball on a sunny day, I anticipate it will practically “glow”. I think you have a “winner” golf ball on your hands. As you are aware, I am now entering my 40th year of ball collecting and I have seen many, many “colored” golf balls but none that comes even close to comparing to the balls you are producing. They are in a league of their own. Great job!”

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Chromax at the Seattle Golf Show last year.
I have vision problems that would make you wonder why I would play golf at all. I have a hard time seeing the ball while it’s on the tee, so I am unable to follow the flight of the ball or to find it without help, even in the middle of the fairway. But my husband loves to golf and was determined that I learn to play.
The thing I noticed immediately with Chromax was that I could track the ball enough to get me in the general vicinity about 70% of the time. Even when I miss seeing the flight, I am much more likely to find the ball.
But the real bonus was the change in my swing. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to see the ball, I often wasn’t completing my follow through or finishing my swing. I noticed an improvement in my game right away when I starting using the Chromax balls; I was following all the way through and looking for the flash of the ball!
I still lose some balls when I play, but mainly because two things I would never have dreamed are happening… I am hitting them farther and I am playing with people other than my husband so I am relying on just myself to track and find the ball. If I lose one, I think about how far I’ve come and how it will make someone’s day when they find that little treasure.
I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful Chromax balls!
Pamela H
Redmond, WA

I’ve played the Chromax ball for about a year and it simply outperforms other premium balls that I’ve played. They really run out a little more on Drives, approaches and putts. Most players want more distance on their Driver and they often miss greens and putts short. Urethane balls produce more spin of the driver which causes the ball to hook or slice more and stop quickly on a good drive, while the Chromax ball is very straight and picks up a couple of extra yards. On approach shots, the urethane ball will stop and spin back; if most misses are short, you don’t want the ball to spin back. The Chromax ball takes a hop forward and then stops for me. On putts, the urethane ball grips each imperfection on the green and slows down the ball. I hate the putts you leave inches short with the perfect line—that is far less likely to happen with this ball. Pull and hit the same clubs you normally would and hit more greens and hole more putts, it’s really a no-brainer. I’m very happy with the Chromax ball and am looking forward to the O.V. in 2015!
Geoff Boyer

I recently bought the Mx1 low compression ball in gold metallic, mainly because I have a slow swing speed and all reviews gave high ratings. The ball handles great and the look, well it drew quite a crowd as it had never been seen before. The question was asked if I was playing with Christmas decorations. I love this ball and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Frank Matek

I play in a women’s golf league in a senior community. As Membership Chair of our club, I often get put out on the course with our new club members.
My golf game lately has been awful, so yesterday I went through my golf ball supply and pulled out a blue Chromax ball which had never seen the light of day. Today I had a new member with me when we started on hole 15 (a par 3) and I took a five on the hole. I told my partners that I would change balls on the next hole. On hole 16, I pulled out my blue Chromax, went to the tee box and hit. I then turned around to talk to someone. Our newest member said to me “I think you just went in the hole.” I said “the blue is kind of hard to see, so it is probably just on the green.” As we drove up I kept looking for the blue ball, but couldn’t see it. I walked up to the pin and looked down and there was my pretty blue ball!! I have never had a hole-in-one but thanks to my blue Chromax I now have one! (Glenda now has one dozen additional blue Chromax Golf balls, by choice!)
Glenda Seles

These balls are brilliant! I’ve played four rounds with one ball and it still looks like new, can’t lose it. OK, I will eventually, but they really are easier to see and look amazing in the air. Long but soft around the greens, they’re a revolution, just try one and see for yourself.
Peter D

About three months ago I was given a box of chromax as a gift. I loved the extra length that I was getting right off the bat. On Friday, August 8, I was playing in a tournament with my dad and brother and I got my first hole in one! In addition I won the $10,000 that was the prize for the hole in one! I attribute it to the chromax balls. Not only do I hit them well but as an added benefit they are very easy to see! Thank you for producing an excellant golf ball!
Mary Baeslack
Watertown, NY

I first started playing with Chromax balls about three months ago. They’re long, soft on the greens and look amazing in flight. I’ve played five rounds with one ball, I find all my stray shots, which is a huge stroke-saver, and the ball still looks new! I cannot say I’ve hit a hole in one, but I’ve recorded some of my best ever scores using Chromax balls; it’s just a better ball.
Eric Johnson

My first hit was long and straight–very nice! The funny part is when I went to find my ball, I could not see it even though I had seen exactly where it had landed. Needless to say, I was puzzled. After going past the spot about 20 yards I looked back and saw a little silver dot. The ball had picked up a thick coating of mud and was virtually invisible except for that spot. (This IS Seattle after all.) The bottom line is that they are easier to find (helpful with my “style” of golf ;-> ) and they play well. I
am wondering if the visibility helps me fix my gaze on the ball keeping my head down. My girlfriend has taken to them because she has a vision problem and they seem to help her focus on the ball. She has helped herself to my supply of them.